product campaign 'UBS Funds' theme and illustration

Swissness phenomena: risk aversion, trust, loyalty, patriotism, no currency risk, home bias increased sharply since 2002 due to financial and euro crisis in 2010, equity portfolios 80% with domestic stocks, domestic economy running at full speed, consumption boom comparable to the 80s

product offering: Bond funds, equity funds, asset allocation funds, real estate funds, 3rd pillar sustainable investment funds, ETFs, mid-caps

customer benefits: Reduction of risks, more stable earnings potential, better diversification of portfolio despite home bias, simple handling, profit from all asset classes: active and passive funds

bank benefits: Additional sales, strengthening value proposition of UBS Global Asset Management, door opener for customer conversations, higher margins with funds, strengthening UBS's commitment to Switzerland


National ad-campaigns in relevant titles (d,f,i), national poster display


Spots on e-windows & e-screens, visuals on ATM's & Multimat, Zurich main station incl. promo with event attendants

Online / mobile

Website, online-bannering, google adwords, search engines, e-banking news, UBS Fund App Promo, Twitter


UBS Fund Facts magazine special edition, update product fact sheets

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