Califedesign is a creative hub that serves as a focal point for innovative design solutions and artistic expression, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and pushing the boundaries of creativity - a hub with an inward-thinking vision, designed to navigate and endure beyond transient events. Its resilience is anchored in a commitment to lasting relevance, ensuring a steadfast presence in the timeless and ever-maluable creative landscape.

The hub is testament to the fusion of art and purpose with the commitment to write stories and shape new pathways. With unwavering commitment and a dynamic approach, we dedicate ourselves to crafting results that endure the test of time. Our core belief is that design and collaboration plays a pivotal role in shaping behavior, belief systems and culture, thereby fostering heightened self-awareness and consciousness. We recognize that self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal, brand, corporate, governmental or communal success. It is this recognition that propels us to employ our design mastery in enriching products, services, systems, and experiences, ultimately elevating the quality of lives. We don't like to overcomplicate the solutions we offer nor get lost in the design process - we're time efficient and deliver.

Califedesign came to life as a vision born in the founders cradle. The founder's journey traces back to a childhood ignited by the mesmerizing allure of paints, brushes, and pencils. As a child, she wielded these artistic tools with a finesse that mirrored that of a seasoned professional. This innate perspective granted her a profound understanding of shapes and dimensions, a perspective that effortlessly unveiled the intrinsic beauty of the world inside and around her. It is this extraordinary gift that allowed her to perceive potential with unparalleled clarity. Her artistic prowess is complemented by an astute business acumen, characterized by precision and grace. She approaches tasks with both adaptability and vibrancy, qualities that define her, serving as a wellspring of inspiration and determination. At fifteen, she departed from the conventional school system, entering an apprenticeship with the Swiss multinational financial institution UBS, immersing herself in the world of finance and commerce. During her tenure at UBS Global Asset Management, she orchestrated a nationwide marketing campaign worth half a million francs, far surpassing the constraints of her curriculum. As her fascination with human behavior and anthropology grew, she set out on adventures to explore cultures worldwide. Eventually, her calling in design beckoned, leading her to enroll in a design management bachelor's program. Yet, far ahead of her peers in vision, hands-on experience, business acumen, and insight into human behaviour, she departed from the program after two years. Guided by an irresistible urge to delve deeper and embrace her professional artistic self fully, she embarked on a profound spiritual journey, delving into mysticism, ancient Egypt, and spirituality. Her quest for new horizons carried her to Newport Beach, California, where she delved into biohacking intricacies and immersed herself in the culture of Orange County. Subsequently, she ventured to Mexico, experiencing life in all its historical and spiritual dimensions, from the mountains of Chiapas to the bustling metropolis of Mexico City. Her passion for architecture, film, and cuisine flourished, and she acquired an additional language along the way. Upon returning to Switzerland, she seamlessly integrated her newfound experiences into her life design approach. Eventually, her path led her to Los Angeles, ushering a network in the entertainment industry.

Driven by the imperative to share her multidisciplinary gifts and talents with the world, she decided to offer her services to individuals, businesses and governments alike. In 2022, califedesign.com emerged, a platform that embodies her artistic vision, business prowess, and unwavering dedication to her craft, a testament to her indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the world.

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Kaltrina Caravaku