We are a multidisciplinary creative agency, with focus in design & marketing, available for commissions worldwide. We focus on company & brand awareness by working with & incorporating the broad spectrum of design and it’s manifold branches.

If you want to get familiar with the different branches of design that exist and where we have our fingers in, contact us here.

What makes us? Our versatile, dynamic yet focused approach to achieving substantial and lasting results.


We believe only through design can behaviour and culture be understood, and if you will, which we do, altered & shaped into a heightened state of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is key for an existence of quality. Whether we talk about human or corporate life. We believe in a society or community of quality. Our efforts go into supporting products, services, systems and experiences with our design expertise.

califedesign.com is a female-owned agency, with head office in the countryside of Basel. Our founder & executive director can remember a design inclined behaviour in her early earthly stages of life. Having an aesthetic sense for things she discovered her love for design in fashion as a kid. Sketching & designing clothes with the help of her tailor-skilled mother, she found herself immersed in a world of possibilities and expression. She would as well attempt to sketch new products and inventions. Combining colours & techniques in painting on the canvas or fabrics in clothing was always some sort of a medicine to her. An Artist at heart she didn’t want to entertain places where people shy away from talking money, so at the age of 15 she takes on an employer funded commercial vocational training at the renown Swiss Bank UBS and leaves the archaic school system. There she passes through five different departments in two business divisions. At Global Asset Management, she is able to design a nationwide marketing campaign, outside of the curriculum, worth half a million Swiss francs executed by an externally commissioned agency. She creates a deep and great interest for human behaviour and anthropology and travels around the world. She decides to attend the nearest school for design management. Well equipped with experience, already well ahead of her peers, she leaves after the short amount of time of two years. With outlook on the Americas she answered her transatlantic calling and networks in the industry of Music & Entertainment. She continues to deepen and develop her understanding of human design. She’s now providing her skillset as a service to the public. califedesign.com is birthed.