We are a multidisciplinary creative agency focused on design and marketing, available for commissions worldwide. We focus on corporate and brand awareness by working with and incorporating the broad spectrum of design and its many branches.

What sets us apart? Our versatile, dynamic yet focused approach to achieving substantial and sustainable results.


We believe that through design you can understand and, if you will - and we do - change and shape behavior and culture into a heightened state of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the key to living a life of quality. Whether we are talking about human life or corporate life. We believe in a society/community of quality. Our efforts go towards supporting products, services, systems and experiences with our design expertise.

califedesign.com is a woman-owned agency based in Basel Countryside. Our founder & CEO can recall a design-savvy demeanor in her early earthly stages of life. With an aesthetic sense for things, she discovered her love for design in fashion as a child. Sketching and designing clothes with the help of her tailor-savvy mother, she immersed herself in a world of possibilities and expression. She also tried sketching new products and inventions. Combining colors when painting on canvas or with fabrics in clothing was always a kind of medicine for her. An artist at heart, she didn't want to be in places where people were afraid to talk about money. From a very young age, she understood the scales and standards by which we operate on Earth. So at 15, she embarks on an commercial-vocational apprenticeship at the prestigious Swiss bank UBS, leaving the archaic school system behind. There, she moves through five different departments in two business units. At Global Asset Management, she is able to work outside the curriculum to design a nationwide marketing campaign worth half a million francs, which is carried out by an externally contracted agency. She develops a deep and great interest in human behavior and anthropology and travels around the world. She decides to attend the nearest school for design management. Equipped with a lot of experience already ahead of the curriculum, she leaves after two years and decides to follow her own path. With an eye on America, she follows her transatlantic calling going back and forth between California and Switzerland. Now she networks in the Music and Entertainment industry while simultaneously offering her design skills to the public as a service. califedesign.com is launched.