We are a multidisciplinary creative agency focused on awareness around your brand and business, available for commissions worldwide. We work in the broad spectrum of design and its many branches.

Our approach is versatile, dynamic and yet focused to achieving substantial and lasting results.

On request, we also offer consultations and solutions around your home & lifestyle.


We believe that through design you can understand and shape behavior and culture - if you will - into a heightened state of self-awareness and consciousness.

Self-awareness is key to living a life of quality. Whether we talk about human life or corporate life. Our efforts go towards supporting products, services, systems and experiences with our design expertise.

califedesign.com is a woman-owned agency based in Basel Countryside. Our founder can recall a design-savvy demeanor in her early earthly stages of life. With a sense for aesthetics, she discovered her love for design in fashion as a child. Sketching and designing clothes with the help of her tailor-savvy mother, she immersed herself in a world of possibilities and expression. Creating lines, and shapes, combining colors on the canvas or with fabrics was some sort of a meditative experience for her. From a very young age, an Artist at heart, with a sharp mind, fine skill sets and a big world view, she understood the scales and standards by which we operate on Earth.

At 15, she left the archaic school system and embarked on a commercial-vocational apprenticeship at the controversial Swiss bank UBS, learning everything about and around money. There, she moved through five different departments in two business units. At Global Asset Management, she designed a nationwide marketing campaign worth half a million francs outside the curriculum. Her great interest in human behavior and anthropology led her to travel around the world. At 19, she attended the nearest school for design management, however well ahead in business, people, executive and managerial processes, she left the program after two years, all while she opens up to the world of mysticism, ancient Egypt and spirituality.

With an urge to set out to new horizons, at 21, she moves in with her sister to Newport Beach, California. There she learns a whole lot on conscious living and alchemy. Then she took a timeout to Mexico, immersing herself in a culturally explosive experience. Between the mountains of the south in Chiapas, the metropolis of Mexico City, the beautiful expat hills of San Miguel de Allende and the little streets of Guanajuato she encountered life from Spanish conquest to indigenous Olmeca, a spiritual blend of shamanism and Catholicism, where pyramids rise out of every other mountain and where depictions of Mary and Jesus can be found on every other street corner; she fell in love with Mexican architecture and cuisine. Back in Switzerland, she practiced a conscious and integrative lifestyle, making gratitude a daily ritual. After some time, she sets sails for Los Angeles and drops anchor in the music and entertainment industry. In 2020 she releases her first song 'Pink Orange'. She lives between California and Switzerland, while artistically expanding, she offers her design skills as a service. In 2022 califedesign.com is launched.